SNAPTAG provides various innovative services based on invisible watermark.

Delivering value beyond what meets the eye.

  • labguard

    Information Protection

    Applying invisible watermark to PC, mobile devices, and printout connects user information.
    Source verification is possible when a leak occurs.

  • ai

    Generative AI Image Authentication

    We apply invisible watermark to PC, mobile devices, and printed materials to link user information. This enables source verification in case of data leaks.

  • ip

    IP Protection

    We apply invisible watermark to art, entertainment, brand content, and more to strengthen intellectual property (IP) and plan merchandise and promotions utilizing IP assets.

  • keefo

    Digital Check-in

    We provide an App and API modules capable of issuing digital tickets and managing them, aiming to enhance the digital experience (DX) for events from ticket issuance to management.