SNAPTAG's Invisible Watermark

SNAPTAG's patented technology, the invisible watermark, is a technique for invisibly linking data to images/videos. It allows for distortion-free data input and easy data verification.

What is the Invisible Watermark?

The invisible watermark is a technology that involves inserting data into images or videos in a way that is not visible to the naked eye.

This hidden data can then be retrieved and read using a specialized program.

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Methods to Detect Invisible Watermark

There are various methods provided to detect invisible watermark.

  • 카메라로 워터마크 스캔하여 확인

    Camera Scan for Watermark Detection

    Using a specialized camera, when you illuminate the area you wish to check, you can detect the information stored within the watermark.

    *Provision of App or SDK

  • 파일을 업로트하여 확인

    File Upload for Watermark Detection

    To detect a watermark, you upload the file you want to check into a dedicated program. The information is then verified through an algorithm.

    *Provision of Program or SDK

Principle of Invisible Watermark

  • 워터마크
    데이터 이미지

    Step 01. Create

    We encode the data into a unique code (58 bits: approximately 28 quintillion) and create an image.* The inserted data can be customized according to the policy

  • 샘플이미지

    Step 02. Create

    The encoded image is layered or composited into the content.

Applying Invisible Watermark

It can be applied to various materials such as film, paper, plastic, fabric, etc.

It can be used in various printing methods, from offset printing to digital printing.

  • Online

    Image, Video, PC, Mobile screen

  • Offline

    Paper, Fabric, Plastic
    (Offset printing, Digital printing)

Invisible Watermark Characteristics

It is a technology that discreetly embeds data into images or videos,

allowing hidden data information to be retrieved through a dedicated module.

Conventional Watermark

Conventional Watermark

Invisible Watermark

Invisible Watermark


PSNR 30~40, SSIM 0.35~0.45 Original image indistinguishable difference

High recognition rate

Robustness against geometric transformations such as resizing, rotation, compression, and cropping


Seamless application of watermark across the entire content Data extraction and alteration prevention

Image-specific identification code

Possible to create an image database Integration of logs possible when using images

Near-unlimited data storage capacity

A 58-bit (approximately 28 quintillion) watermark, applying a unique code to all content

High versatility

Applicable to various materials, digital and physical, insertable across a wide range of media channels


The Differentiator of Invisible Watermark

  • 01

    Provided in the form of SDK/API

    SNAPTAG provides its invisible watermark technology in the form of SDK and API modules.
    It offers immediate applicability across various industries and platforms, enabling rapid expansion.

    • Swift and Immediate Adoption

      Swift and Immediate Adoption

    • No Industry Limitations

      No Industry Limitations

    • Global Market Entry

      Global Market Entry

  • 02

    Patent-Based Technology

    Invisible watermark is rooted in over 200 years of physics knowledge.
    The invisible watermark technology, based on the principles of physics and cognitive visual theory, is protected solely under SNAPTAG patent.

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The method of introducing Invisible Watermark

SNAPTAG invisible watermark has different implementation methods depending on the industry. Detailed implementation processes can be confirmed through inquiries.

Information Protection / Generative AI Image Authentication / IP Protection / Digital Check-In